about me

Over the past few years my career has moved away from pure astronomy research and data-pipeline analysis, to research management and strategy, and identifying emerging technologies and strategies for dealing with data-intensive research. Specific problems include the difficulty in storing and analysing large (Terabytes and more) and complex datasets – the "big data” challenge – and solving sustainability issues around large research infrastructure projects (e.g. NCRIS, AAL and Swinburne funded), providing alternative career paths within academia for researchers focussed on data and software development, and up-skilling researchers to help better prepare for transitions into the tech-industry. I'm also involved in several collaborative coding and hack initiatives, including .Astronomy, Random Hacks of Kindness and The Hacker Within.

data visualisation & web projects

Projects are hosted on various platforms: GitHub, CartoDB and Digital Ocean

Insight Data Fellows: Research Background Word Matrix (Physical Sciences)

D3js visualisation

Research Profiles of Insight Data Fellows

D3js visualisation.

Swinburne Hacker Within

Website & GitHub repository

Mapping the rise of data science institutes around the world


Interactive Map of Optical and Radio Telescopes around the work


Tech tools for the Savvy Astronomer


Swinburne's Software Carpentry workshop resources

Website and D3js visualisation

.Astronomy Hacks – Image Gallery

Website and D3js visualisation